Friday, February 25, 2011

Slow motion release

It's hard to ship a product. There are times when you go nuts of how slow things progress and how many things you have to take care of.

Did you have this problems with your projects?

One thing can keep your mental sanity and that is positive mind. Don't you belive me? Watch this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

JavaScript - Trim a string

I need to trim strings in JavaScript every day and everytime I forgot the code snippet that do that so here is

/**Trims a string
*@param {String} str - the string to trim
*@return {String} the trimmed string
function trim(str){
var res = str.replace(/^\s+/, '');
res = res.replace(/\s+$/, '');

return res;

Pfui, now it's here forever.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

JavaScript toString () method

One very nice feature toString() method from JavaScript has is the ability to get the binary representation of a number in just one line of code

var a = 5;

This will output:


You can give toString() a parameter which is the radix in which to output the number.

Of course you can use 8 to get octal version or 16 to get the hexa version of the number.

Very powerful and also very simple

Saturday, February 19, 2011

HTML5 score: Firefox 3.6.x vs. Internet Explorer 8.0.7

I'm using all os those browser every day to test JavaScript and HTML5 features for Diagramo
so I wanted to see how well supported are HTML features by each one of them.

One year ago this was a difficult task as there were not so many tools but right now this job is easier.
As my "daily" browsers are Firefox 3.6.x and Internet Explorer 8 here is the level of support for HTML5 each has (according to

Firefox 3.6.7 - Score 139

Internet Explorer 8 - Score 27

So, next time you find yourself cursing Internet Explorer remember its score :)

JediScript for Young Padawans

Yes, that is how the Profesional JavaScript for Web Developers 2nd edition - by Nicholas Zakas -book should be renamed to.

This book is amazing. It makes me think about stuff I never could imagine exists in JavaScript.

But the most important of all is that IT MAKES YOU UNDERSTAND JAVASCRIPT.

A lot of books onJavaScript tries to teach you :
  • like they do not believe JavaScript is a real language
  • try to make you understand the basic of programming in a very chaotic way
  • eagerly move to advances samples and snippets you should copy / paste into your code
So if you still think JavaScript is a easy and chaotical mix read this book and you will see that we were taught wrong by others.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diagramo v1.0 is out

We are very happy to announce that version 1.0 of Diagramo is out.

Features added since beta
1. You can create an account or download it. Yes, download it and place it on your server.
2. Undo and redo were added
3. Grouping figures.
4. Export diagrams as SVG, PNG and JPEG
5. A lot of the engine was recreated and bug solved.

It's FREE - Totally free
Yes, you can even download it and tweak it to your own needs if do not plan to make money out of it. Here is our free license.

What happen with old (beta) diagrams ?
They are good and well at
Sorry, we had to move them there.

I am really sorry that the quality of the application is not Japanese quality.
I know a lot coders will curse me for that but so many people ask to make a release with those basic features ...that I decided to do it.
Feell free to throw potatos at me or give us a hand to make it better: bug reporting or code contribution.

Thank you.
Diagramo team.