Monday, August 18, 2014

Diagramo moved to Apache 2.0 license

We moved Diagramo from GPL license to Apache 2.0 license.

This will allow ANYONE to get Diagramo, modify and use it to his/her needs.

This decision came as a natural evolution to following issues:
  • There are people and companies that find Diagramo code interesting but having a GPL or commercial license give them little decision freedom
  • We suck at marketing so instead of trying to be what we are not we will try to be a better version of what we are (geeks)
  • Diagramo has all the features I (Alex) envisioned when initiated it so from my "geeky" point of view it's a complete product. Of course a lot of things can be added but they are not vital. site itself will host a modified version of Diagramo sources to allow free creation of Diagrams - but the original sources are now completely  free for anyone.

Enjoy and thank you for supporting us for all these years while we struggled to create something useful.