Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A group to discuss about Diagramo

A group has been created to allow those interested in Diagramo technology to ask questions and get answers.

Here is the link:

For now only those that are member to the group can see what's in there.

If you want to join just use the contact form to ask for an invitation.

Download back

Download section back online.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sources and download version temporarily not available

Due to huge demand on sources and downloads we temporarily suspended this service to restructure this part of the site and offer:

Better ways to:
  • get documentation
  • forum access
  • free license and commercial licenses
  • public API (similar to JavaDoc)
If you really need access to this (or beta preview) please use our contact page.

We will answer you.

Diagramo runs natively on IE9

I saw Microsoft offers the new IE9 to download as a RC and I said now it worth a try.
Ok, downloaded, installed and went to Diagramo to test it. It didn't work :(

But wait - that is because IE9 loads the page in quirks mode. So press F12 -this will trigger development tools - and select Internet Explorer 9 standards.

Now it's working.

Now there is a trick you can do to make IE9 switch to IE9 standards, just add

at the begining of your page :)

We will add this to diagramo too.

So simple.