Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diagramo will change to donationware

Yes, we will change to donationware.

We would like to say that we change our business model...but (un)forfortunately we did have any model up to now so it's just a change.

I like to work for Diagramo (like other that contributed) but it comes a time when we would like to see your appreciation in more than an email (usually with question of how to code).

I would like to buy a cup of tea or book with money from Diagramo.

So we will add a symbolic donation for anyone interested in more than to use the app.

Application will stay free to download but more advanced stuff (full code, documentation, etc) will be for those that donated to the project.

p.s. Those that contributed to the project with code will not have any "mere mortal" limitation