Friday, July 29, 2011

Slides - OSCON - Bird of Feather Presentation

OSCON presentation was a delight.

I would like to thank all the STRONG geeks that were attended.

Also here are the slides of the presentation

Escape from Compatibility View

I was playing with IE9 "Browser Mode" and "Document Mode" for Diagramo

As things were not looking nice I added Diagramo (local development url) to "Compatibility View"
and forgot about it.

A few days after tried to play with html5 features again but could not get out of "Browser Mode" : IE9 Compatible .... for 1 hour (damn)....when I realized that the whole site was added to IE9 "Compatibility View" list.

Remove it from "Compatibility View" list

Simple. Go to Tools (if menu bar not present, go to title bar, right click and activate menu bar) --> Compatibility View Settings --> remove your site.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OSCON - Bird of Feather Presentation

I will make a presentation of Diagramo as real world example in OSCON 2011.

Here are the topics that I will cover:
  • How to build a JavaScript 2D engine.
  • How to export a canvas to SVG, PNG and JPG
  • How to integrate the engine into a real time UI
  • Who is using and extending the application
If you are interested to hear about this in detail come to listen to us Thursday, July 28 in room D136.