Monday, June 23, 2014

Error fixed

We had an error with newly created diagram. They were not properly saved :(

Now it's fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience we did to you.

The fun stuff is that even our diagrams are stored inside Diagramo so it blew in our face. So we are among the first to fell it :D


Diagramo back online

As always we are always late of making announcement as we do focus on code.

We offered Diagramo as LAMP installer, as light version and almost any possible variant and we discovered that we lose focus ...we spread to thin..

Why? Because offering a download version and try to fit anyone's server config is a time consuming and we would like to focus on only 4 browsers and that's it.

What does it mean?
It means that will continue to offer the download version but we will focus on online version or as the trend goes with cloud version.

So....enjoy the new version we cooked for you and I hope this was a good decision.