Friday, October 28, 2011

Some people will make you sad - don't let them

I will write down this story so you will be protected from this....if it will happen to you.

There was a company - I will not reveal YET its name - that wanted to use the Diagramo engine in commercial purposes.

I said ok as long as they will pay the money and I will be able to fuel the Diagramo with more power (host, design, etc).

They start using the sources and finish what they needed, I helped them as much as I could.
The result? The money never arrived.

This kind of story makes you wonder if it worth to help people or do anything for free.

The biggest issue is that actually steal your desire to do continue.

Be aware, very aware.


  1. this is very sad! maybe you should reveal the name, so they understand what effect this kind of action can do.
    for me, i`m sure, that if i will be able to make feature that i miss in diagramo, and if it will become "commercial", i will definetly donate(or buy the licence).

    p.s. what happened to bitbucket, you changed your mind and source will not be available anymore?

  2. 1. I will not reveal their name. I hope that they might be in a financial problem and they might solve it.

    2. Right now I'm working on the new version of the app that will be online (hopefully) in a few days.

    After that I intent to make a light version of the app and allow people to look into sources. By light does not mean cripple but lighter (ex: no database need, maybe a standalone web server so no configuration needed, etc).

    It would be more easy for someone to embed the sources into his/her app.

  3. Sounds interesting, but I really hope that full source will be again available (please blog about diagramo future)

  4. Ok, about Diagramo the new release it's on the site. Just deployed! :)

    More to come. I try to keep it in the "fun" zone.

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