Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diagramo 2.0.0

Yes, I did it. New release. Improved engine (but not visible)

What new and visible.
  • create online account
  • SVG export and preview made first class citizen
  • browse public diagrams (more to come)
Just make an account and try it.


  1. Yes you did it - Alex - Congrats!

    p.s. but seems like worst thing happened to this project

  2. Maybe I`m wrong...because in previous post you said that something will happen later, but I`m not sure that the result will be same as for v1.2a, so currently it`s like this.
    The Diagramo is not open source anymore, it was the only diagramming project (I didn`t find anything like this) which is open and created using HTML5+JS(and no Flash) and you were able to see how that is created - e.g. learn from it. Now... its not possible to customize, add new features or participate in development.
    The things in v2.0 that points to that - there is no talk about customization and the sentence about "we all will die" is deleted. It seems like Diagramo is going to be just another online diagramming tool, but there are plenty of them - and so without openess I dont see what is the beauty of Diagramo, because the HTML5+JS is already existing, for example and its interface is far from Diagramo, so what is the idea now? I would understand that if you had the functionality and quality like mentioned lucidchart, then it could be closed, but currently its not and I think you loose the possibility to get feedback and improovments from side (which could possibly allow to grow till such functionality).
    Offcourse you are the owner of this project/product and you can make the decisions about which path to take. From previous post I can imagine some possible reasons for such decision, but maybe it would be better if you could tell your vision about Diagramo - what you expect, what is the goal?

    p.s. this is just view from side, possibly wrong, dont take it as blame

  3. Nice questions you asked....

    1. The guys from Lucid and other products did a nice job but the reason for Diagramo not being similar is that I'm tired of complicated stuff...and try to keep Diagramo as simple as the point some will say it's not very polished.

    2. Making Diagramo look simple does not imply I will not refine it...but simplicity is the main key.

    3. The reason for license not being public is that the sources are no longer public - for now. It would be confusing to show a license when there are no sources. When made public again, the license will be back in place.

    4. Diagramo is both a product and an engine. The part people are very interested is the engine. But the JS engine is only 40% of whole Diagramo why annoy someone with code that she does not want to read and not focus only on the JS code?

    5. Future plan. My plan is that instead of making whole Diagramo product sources public I will make public only the Diagramo engine (JavaScript) and/plus a basic skeleton (login, logout, save, load and edit) of the application so anyone can customize it.

    Why should you care about DB, rewrites, file permissions,etc when you will only need to customize it to your needs.

    I have this ideea for a while by now and some people from OSCON made similar suggestions...