Monday, November 28, 2011

Kissing the (dead) hand.

Imagine you are in a horror game and your task is to kiss the hand of a nice lady. That is your job. Nothing else.

Let's see what happens. You reach nice lady's house. Ring. Nobody answers. You enter. Remember: you need to kiss her hand. You open the door to her room. Wow....she is dead, someone just killed her and her body parts are all over the room. The hand(s) are on the table, the head is on the floor, etc. Now you are shocked. Who killed her? Why? Are they in the house? Should I call the police? Should I run?

Now, in that very moment, you almost lost the game. Why?
BECAUSE YOUR JOB IS TO KISS HER HAND. Period. The games does not care if her hand is attaached to a living person.

The same problem I see in software development and that is trying to solve innexistent problems.

You have a feature to add, nothing more, nothing less. But instead of doing that you lose focus and start adding "not so important" feature and postpone or (worse) dump the feature you should implement. Wrong!

You have to add THAT feature and nothing else.

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